Government BY The People, Working FOR The People

It is no secret that our government is broken. Washington is full of partisan bureaucrats who waste our money, cater to their own interests and the interests of their big donors, and ignore the needs of their constituents. Many members of Oklahoma’s federal delegation are no better.

Jason is not a perennial politician but is a true Oklahoman committed to focusing on the needs of ALL Oklahomans in the US Senate. It’s time Oklahomans’ voices are restored in the Senate, and Jason will speak up for us.

Expanding Access To Quality, Affordable Healthcare

No Oklahoman should be without access to the healthcare they need, and accessing healthcare shouldn’t break the bank. It’s past time we address the source of this problem. As a small business owner, Jason knows how much it costs to self-insure. He knows families are breaking the bank on healthcare expenses, whether they have health insurance or not. And as someone who grew up in rural Oklahoma, Jason has seen first-hand the negative impacts of the closures of our rural hospitals and clinics.

In the US Senate, Jason will work to break up the monopoly on the health insurance market in Oklahoma, reduce the cost of prescription drugs, reduce the cost of critical care, and expand access to healthcare in Oklahoma’s rural areas.

Protecting Access To Reproductive Healthcare And Women’s Rights To Bodily Autonomy

Jason is dedicated to protecting access to reproductive healthcare services and defending women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions. He has been incredibly disappointed with the attacks on women and all who give birth by our state legislature here in Oklahoma. He is also frustrated with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade and the rights it protected. At both the federal and state levels, lawmakers are working to roll back rights and make those who give birth second-class citizens. 

Jason is supportive of legislation currently stalled in the Senate that would codify the protections set forth in Roe v. Wade into federal law. Electing Jason to the U.S. Senate will help the Democrats keep and grow the majority in the Senate, help move legislation to codify Roe through the Senate, and ensure reproductive healthcare services remain safe and accessible to all who need them here in Oklahoma and across the country.

Protections For The LGBTQIA2S+ Community

As a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Jason is very passionate about defending the rights of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals, but especially the youth who have been attacked by state legislatures like ours in Oklahoma. Some in Washington, DC want to move us backwards, but not Jason. Jason is committed to giving the LGBTQIA2S+ community a voice in the U.S. Senate and will work to ensure that the Equality Act is passed through the Senate, making the LGBTQIA2S+ community a protected class with rights codified in law. This includes defending the rights of trans youth to gender affirming care. Jason knows that true “liberty and justice for all” means that we are all free to live as our true and authentic selves, and It’s about time an elected official from Oklahoma defends the most vulnerable among us rather than attack them.

Protecting And Promoting Tribal Sovereignty And Partnership

The McGirt decision is a historic nod to the sovereignty of Tribal Nations, finally giving recognition to treaty rights ratified by the United States Senate. Having previously worked at the U.S. Department of State, Jason understands the importance of diplomacy between governments and will work with Tribal partners to ensure that both federal trust obligations are met and Tribal sovereignty is respected. Tribal Nations have been in Oklahoma since before there was an Oklahoma and have been partners in building this state since the beginning. Respect, support, and cooperation with Tribal leaders is essential to continue rural economic development and public safety in our state. Oklahoma and the Tribal Nations are made better when we work together, and Jason will continue the long tradition of cooperation.


Protecting Our Environment And Investing In Our Future

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. From record heat waves to rising sea levels to increasingly devastating natural disasters, the climate crisis is here and affecting all Americans—including Oklahomans. We have to take action now. We are fortunate that here in Oklahoma, we have an abundance of renewable resources and technologies at our fingertips to allow us to remain an energy leader while working to preserve our environment for future generations. But to do that, we need to take bold action to invest in resource development, workforce training, and infrastructure development. Solar, wind, and hydro-electric power can create clean sources of energy and high-paying jobs for our talented energy sector workers, and Jason will work to move Oklahoma toward them. Jason will also work to ensure we uphold our obligations to which we committed as signatory to the Paris Climate Accords.


Building A 21st Century Infrastructure

In the wealthiest country in the world and in the great state of Oklahoma, we should not be driving on roads littered with potholes and dangerous bridges, worrying about our property flooding, and be unable to access high-speed Internet in our rural areas. Oklahomans pay taxes to ensure these critical needs are met, and we have seen little return on our investment in years. While Congress is slowly taking steps to focus on infrastructure, Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation doesn’t appear to find it a priority.

Jason grew up the son of a city manager in rural Oklahoma, so he has seen these problems up close all his life. Jason knows first-hand how our government’s failure to take care of our infrastructure and continue to make necessary improvements affects our lives and our pocketbooks, and he is committed to making our critical infrastructure a priority in the US Senate.

Investing In Our Future By Supporting Our Schools And Educators

Jason believes there is no better investment we can make in our future than ensuring our schools are funded and our children and educators have the resources they need. As the son of a career Oklahoma public school teacher, Jason knows first-hand how constrained Oklahoma’s teachers are for resources, and how not all school districts are equal when it comes to funding.

Jason has seen how the federal government continues to push harsh mandates on our schools. An Oklahoma teacher recently told Jason that “education in Oklahoma is under assault.” As one of our most vital public services, we must make education a priority and give our students, parents and educators the resources and control they need to properly educate Oklahoma’s next generation.

Securing Our Nation Without Abandoning Our Values

Our country must have secure borders and a robust national security strategy. At the US State Department, Jason came face-to-face in a legal dispute with one of our nation’s most dangerous adversaries, so he knows the risks that lurk outside our borders. But the United States is a land of opportunity for all, and we are enriched by the diverse cultures, ethnicities, races, and points of view that exist here. We need comprehensive reform of our immigration system that provides for legal and humane processes to access this great land.

We need to ensure our elections are secure and free from foreign interference. We need proper oversight of our national security systems and officials—both at home and abroad. We need to ensure those we have tasked with protecting us are properly trained to address modern threats. All of this is doable, and Jason has the skills to produce these results for Oklahomans and the American people.