The Urgency:

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. What climate scientists tell us is clear: climate change is a serious threat, and we have to take action to combat it now. From record heat waves to rising sea levels to increasingly devastating natural disasters, the climate crisis is here and affecting all Americans—including Oklahomans. Oklahoma has an abundance of renewable resources and technologies at our fingertips that will allow us to remain an energy leader while working to preserve our environment for future generations. We need to take bold action to invest in resource development, workforce training, and infrastructure development. The federal government can help with these investments.


World leader in renewables:

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are plentiful in Oklahoma and can create clean sources of energy, high-paying jobs for our energy sector workers, and a true solution to our need for energy independence. Jason will work to move Oklahoma toward those goals and to ensure we uphold the obligations to which we committed as a signatory to the Paris Climate Accords.


Union jobs in the renewables industry:

We can move towards a green energy economy while maintaining job growth. The federal government should help with facilitating and funding job training programs to make sure people can smoothly transition into new, high-skilled, higher-paying jobs.


Strengthen the enforcement of the EPA:

The largest superfund site in the United States is right here in Oklahoma. We have left an entire corner of our state behind. In the wake of attacks on the EPA by our extremist supreme court, Jason intends on working with the EPA to strengthen their enforcement power and help our local leaders reclaim and restore this land for our communities.