Labor and Workforce

The Urgency:

Our leaders have left hard-working Oklahomans behind. Our representatives would rather focus on issues that divide as opposed to the issues that will restore our middle class and level the playing field for everyone. Nobody in the most wealthy country on the planet who works full time should be living in poverty. Americans have always worked hard, they just haven’t been given their fair share. 

Pro-Worker :

Union membership has declined over the last half-century, while wage growth and economic equality have also dwindled. Jason believes our economic turnaround starts with protecting the rights of our workers and unions. This begins with the passage of the Pro-act which would ensure and expand protections for employees’ rights to organize and collectively bargain in their workplace. We need to bust Trusts and strengthen our Unions through strict enforcement of current antitrust law, which are currently largely overlooked. This administration of the law is a crucial step to promoting strong competition that benefits workers and consumers alike.

Pro-Working Families :

Our Working families are the backbone of our economy. As such, we need to adequately support people starting with implementing Universal Pre-K. Childcare costs are unbearable for many American families, and addressing this rising crisis is imperative to the financial health of working families. Jason also believes in mandating Universal family leave up to 10 weeks so parents of new born children should not have to choose between their new-born and supporting their family. This paid-leave would cover both Union and non-union workers alike. 

Minimum Wage:

If the minimum wage kept up with worker productivity since 1986, the inflation-adjusted rate would be $24/hr. No more starvation wages and corporate greed, it’s time to treat our workers with respect and pay a wage they can live on. Jason believes in increasing the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour and providing temporary relief to small businesses to help cover the cost of this increase. Supporting small businesses is an essential part to easing this transition to a living wage. This program would be paid for by a wealth tax as well as an additional corporate tax that would not adversely harm our vital small businesses. Jason believes the most essential part of our economy has always been our people.  


Not many politicians are honest with us about inflation. Even without supply chain issues, a certain level of inflation is planned for by the Federal Reserve. Washington D.C. expects most things to get more expensive but stops that line of thinking when they get to the value of your labor.
Giving folks financial relief does not cause inflation, if that were the case our economy wouldn’t have survived the Wall Street Bailout or the billions of dollars the Federal Reserve pumped into the stocks of mega-corporations. The status quo in Washington means inflation only applies to you, we need new ideas and fresh leadership to make our government work for working people. Jason is prepared to combat inflation by promoting energy independence, defending consumers from price gouging, and most importantly: getting more money in your pocket by paying higher wages and reducing the burden of healthcare costs.